What is Rx One Health?


What is Rx One Health?

Climate change, biodiversity loss, food insecurity, antimicrobial resistance, novel pathogens, water scarcity, pollution... our planet faces a host of interrelated serious challenges in the Anthropocene era. The Rx One Health Field Institute is a transformative 4-week field-based experiential learning course focused on One Health core competencies for graduate students and early career professionals from all disciplines. 

Developing key skills

Organized and taught by experts from University of California, Davis, Sokoine University of Agriculture and Ifakara Health Institute, Rx One Health participants develop skills in laboratory and research methods, ecosystem dynamics, biodiversity conservation, epidemiology, infectious disease surveillance, biosafety, biosecurity, food safety, agriculture, food security, hydrology, marine ecology, communications, community and stakeholder engagement, ethics, teamwork, and leadership. Through hands-on, practical learning experiences, case studies, group discussions and field exercises, Rx One Health develops participants’ skills for addressing complex challenges using the One Health approach, which recognizes that the health of people, animals, and their environments are interconnected, and that problem solving to address complex challenges is best achieved through transdisciplinary collaboration.

One Health approach is at the core

The intensive course is aimed at a level appropriate for recent graduates or students in medical and veterinary schools around the world, as well as other early career health, agriculture, environmental sciences, and conservation professionals. Participants are immersed in settings that illustrate the health of people, animals and the environment are inextricably linked. Rx One Health provides participants with direct access to mentors, tools, and knowledge to allow them to apply a One Health approach to their lives’ work. Course activities center on exposing participants to real-world One Health situations, challenging them to consider the many inter-related issues that are typical of complex problems, and to see firsthand, and even develop themselves, One Health strategies for overcoming these challenges. All Rx One Health participants will greatly improve their understanding and grasp of One Health competencies: cross-disciplinarity; communications; professional integrity, ethics and diplomacy; vision integration and advocacy for change; teamwork; and systems thinking. 

An Envirovet Summer Institute Legacy Course

The Rx One Health curriculum has been built on the tremendous legacy of a course called Envirovet Summer Institute that was co-led by UC Davis and offered throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and which trained more than 400 veterinarians and veterinary students from around the world in ecosystem health (a precursor to One Health). Like Envirovet, Rx One Health is an immersion-style, hands-on, intensive training course, with all coursework occurring in East Africa.