Course Description

students in PPE sampling bats

Course Description

The Rx One Health Field Institute inspires ecosystem health stewardship in future leaders through a carefully curated curriculum weaving themes across a host of disciplines including ecology, epidemiology, conservation, and leadership.

Based in Tanzania, the four-week institute provides a multi-faceted experiential learning opportunity for early career professionals and graduate students through innovative, experiential learning from leading researchers in some of the world’s most unique ecosystems. 

Course Structure

The first three weeks of the institute are immersive experiences integrated across the thematic modules of:

  1. One Health Foundations & Leadership
  2. Zoonotic Disease & Biosecurity
  3. Human Health
  4. Food Security, Agriculture & Nutrition
  5. Wildlife Conservation
  6. Environmental Health & Conservation
  7. Research Methods & Implementation

The final week challenges participants to apply One Health concepts to propose new research questions and/or solutions for real-world challenges they identified through community engagement and activities in a capstone experience.

Over the course of the program, participants train on the principles of One Health—the approach that recognizes that the health of people, animals, and their environments are interconnected, and that problem solving to address health challenges is best achieved through transdisciplinary collaboration. Participants will hone their scientific, critical thinking and leadership skills, build relationships with each other, develop cultural competencies, expand their professional network, widen perspectives, and engage with faculty members and institute lecturers.