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Rx One Health’s comprehensive and integrated curriculum has been thoughtfully curated to help participants achieve critical One Health Core Competencies (derived from Togami, et al, 2018).

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Explain principles that influence One Health, such as disease transmission, epidemiology, biological complexity, biosecurity, food safety and ecosystem dynamics
  • Identify cultural and socioeconomic determinants of health
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of One Health approaches to respond to complex health problems
  • Discuss One Health problems from a transdisciplinary perspective
  • Develop means of implementation of One Health approaches
  • Evaluate methods of One Health research and community engagement
  • Identify social, ecological, and economic impacts of a One Health approach
  • Communicate One Health principles and approaches effectively to a broad range of stakeholders

Content Areas

  • One Health
  • Planetary Health
  • Human Health and Nutrition
  • Human-Wildlife-Livestock-Plant-Environment Interface
  • Zoonotic Disease
  • Biosecurity
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Animal Agriculture
  • Wildlife & Marine Conservation
  • Terrestrial & Marine Ecosystem Health
  • Food & Water Safety
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Food Security
  • Food Sustainability
  • Community Engagement
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Inter-dependency of Stakeholders
  • Advocating for Change
  • Cultural Competence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Cross-disciplinary Teamwork
  • Research Methods – laboratory & community-based